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reUrgency builds enterprise & mobile applications in half the time. In fact, we'll deliver 80% of your application in the first 2 weeks of the project!

We will help you diversify your software by developing it to run on Windows, Android, iOS and Playbook while reusing 80% of our code!

With our rigorous quality assurance testing, you can rest assured that your software is fully functional, usable, and beautiful.

Get software fast!
Deploy it everywhere!
Sleep Well.
So how on Earth do we do this?

We'll explain how we actually supply enterprise software so quickly.

Find out how
Find out how
How our process works


Design & Develop

Quality Assurance

Establish client's goals

Create rapid prototypes

Implement features

Internal testing


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Find out more

Review and repeat

Solidify the design

How we develop faster


See below

At reUrgency, we use a secret ingredient called "Rich Frameworks." It's our concept of reusing the infrastructure of 80% of all application framework. This saves you time (and money). Fun, right?

Typical 6-Month Project
Using the "Rich Framework" Advantage
Development Time
App Completion

1 month                2 months                3 months                4 months

Our "Rich Frameworks"
Traditional Methods
Deployed at
3 Months
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Find out more

* 80/20 badge: This percentage concept is the backbone of reUrgency workflow. Keep an eye out for it!

Who on Earth does this stuff?

There is a reason this process works, and it has everything to do with our people.

Who we are
Who we are
Powerful team. Outstanding solutions.
Read about us
Read about us

reUrgency consists of software architects, business analysts, development experts,

user experience specialists, and visual designers. Let's get to work!

How we can deploy anywhere:

We have one team developing your software to run on a multitude of platforms, sharing 80% of the code. As a result, it can be deployed onto iOS, Android, and desktop platforms in a third of the time.

Happy wallet.
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Find out more

"This is huge. Few realize the effort and talent that went into producing this app, preparing the DB, the realtime data acquisition, and the remarkable event record that has been produced. Never in the 74 years of derby history have race results been reported realtime to so many folks and recorded in this detail with such an attractive presentation layer. The head shot of each driver in each heat, 1st 2nd 3rd place recorded, with elapsed time of the winner, all in a dynamic, colorful, scrollable "re-live the moment" format - wow!"


                                     - Ken Morrow

                                       Information Technology Advisor

Our clients love our software.

"We have relied on reUrgency's expertise for dozens of complex enterprise applications. They embrace a 'can-do' attitude and take ownership of our projects as if they are their own. We highly recommend reUrgency to any firm needing a mission-critical application."


                                               - Keith Evans

                                                 Johnson Controls Program Manager

After using many firms to build my application, and experiencing the frustration of missed deadlines and confusion understanding our complex needs, reUrgency came through as true professionals.


                                     - Reginald Nosegbe

                                       WealthQube CEO, Founder

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reUrgency is a talented, agile team specializing in software for the enterprise.

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We'll help you define your next big project and get it

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