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We build 80% in two weeks. How is that possible?
Where it matters most.

We figure out where to focus our time by listening.  We listen to you, your users, and other stakeholders.  We listen to how you run your business, the challenges you face, and the opportunities you want to seize.


After listening, we design a solution.  We focus on what makes your app unique including any of the following:



   Engaging user experience

   Proprietary business processes

   Valuable Data

We have standard methods for designing those unique aspects of your application.  Then we have automated ways of converting that design into working software.  That’s our secret sauce.

We have been doing this stuff for a long time. After all that time, we realized that much of software development is very repetitive.  While novice programmers see all problems as unique and challenging, expert developers see the common elements in problems and approach solving those problems in a tactical way.  We have created tools that solved the common elements among problems and we have developed methods for isolating the truly unique aspects of each problem.


We automate everything else.

Our “Rich Framework” leverages our collective experience as developers and incorporates all our best practices into a set of automated tools and processes.  This allows us to put our energies where it matters most.



   Retrieving and storing data in a database

   Moving data over the Internet

   Interacting with data

   Navigating through data



   Software updates

The secret sauce

The key to the “Rich Framework” is in how we automate development directly from our design. 


The general process is as follows:


   Design the database and user experience

   Point “Rich Framework” at the design, hit “Go” and VOILA, you have a functioning app.

   Hand craft the remaining bits that make your application special.

We focus our energies on the design and customization.  Everything in the middle is just a bunch of technical stuff that you really didn’t care about anyway.  All you really care about is the quality of the final product and the time it took.  We deliver Better Software, Faster.

We're a powerfully dedicated team.

reUrgency is a talented, agile team specializing in software for the enterprise.

We do this extremely well, and we would love to work with you.


We'll help you define your next big project and get it

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